Pregnancy Testing With Milk Samples Preg Testing Flyer Download

Utilizing the IDEXX Milk Pregnancy Test. Confirming pregnancy through milk samples - easy, accurate, cost effective.

The Value of Pregnancy Confirmation using Milk Samples

  • Use this unobtrusive diagnosis to confirm pregnancy as early as 28 days post-breeding
  • Avoid additional animal handling and labour by adding the pregnancy testing option to your scheduled herd test

Using Herd Test samples, the farmer is only required to indicate which samples need to be tested by highlighting the cow number on the paperwork provided.

The testing will then be completed at the National Herd Development centre by fully trained Staff.

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Farmer Requirements:

  • Cow must be 60 days post calving
  • Cow must be 28 days post joining
  • Notify NHD several days prior of the need for Pregnancy Testing


28 Day Blood Pregnancy Testing

For this test the farmer must supply a blood sample from the cow to be tested or NHD staff can take the blood sample for you.
Blood testing is ideal for Beef Cattle and Dairy Heifers prior to first lactation.