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Let MISTRO Farm help you find your way out of the paperwork mountain!

MISTRO Farm 5 is an easy-to-use dairy farm recording system that enables you to keep track of herd, feed, health, irrigation, and farm management records.

It has been specially designed for use by dairy farmers, and boasts several unique features that help you get out from underneath that mountain of paperwork!

With real time communication to your herd test centre, off site data backups, and over 100 audio visual program tutorials, MISTRO Farm really will help you get your paperwork house in order.

Not only does MISTRO Farm 5 offer program tutorials, but there's also the FREECALL telephone support number, 1800 451 451, as well as remote desktop support built in to the program. This means that with the click of a few buttons your support person can take remote control of your computer, diagnose your problems and suggest solutions.

MISTRO Farm is a system that you can use in several ways on your farm to help with a range of tasks; from managing calving to documenting your antibiotic and other animal treatments.



MISTRO Farm will help your farm with the following facets of your farming business:


  • Track all mating, health, and production information
  • Generate custom-made lists of cows
  • Transfer data electronically to and from your herd test centre
  • Obtain full access to your herd recording information
  • Gain access to breeding value information on bulls
  • Record all treatment records and monitor withholding periods


  • Maintain paddock records
  • Calculate and monitor water use efficiency
  • Record when paddocks are treated with chemicals
  • Track fertiliser applications at a farm or paddock level


  • Record and monitor factory milk production
  • Document what is fed to all classes of stock
  • Calculate the dry matter consumption of supplementary feed

Automated Data Transfer
Freecall 1800 Helpline
Lightning fast Herd Test results
For Windows and Mac
Get your copy of MISTRO Farm from your local National Herd Development branch today!