Herd Testing Flyer DownloadHerd Testing - Maximizing Profitability

Herd Testing is the only way to gain comprehensive production information on individual cows. This information is vital for determining appropriate management strategies.

Quality Assurance

National Herd Development Laboratories are compliant with the independent VeriTest™ Milk proficiency testing scheme which has been developed to provide a system for laboratories to validate their milk testing capability. This programme includes monitoring and calibration of instruments and reference sample accuracy. These standards are necessary so that results from all laboratories in Australia are comparable and dairy farmers can be confident in the results.



Benefits Of Herd Testing

  • Somatic Cell Count – Keep your milk in premium payment
  • Culling decisions
  • Drying-off decisions
  • Better herd records
  • Managing Mastitis
  • Pregnancy Testing with milk samples
  • Over-all herd performance
  • Profitability of individual cows
  • Production Index (PI) ranks cows within the herd for productivity
  • Identifies potential health issues through change in milk volume from last test


Herd Test Options

Standard Test
Milk samples are taken PM and AM (in that order). This is the most accurate method of Herd Testing.

Single Test
This option requires a single sample to be taken (either PM or AM). This method requires the provision of the 24 hour vat volume reading at the time of testing.

Spot Test
Two options available:

  • SCC – Tests the Somatic Cell Count of the milk
  • FULL SPOT TEST – Tests Somatic Cell count, fat, protein and volume.