Sexed Semen

All About Sexed Semen
  • What we know 
  • What we have learnt 
  • How best to use it

What we know about Sexed Semen - FACTS

  • It works but you need to know the facts
  • It contains 2-4 million sperm per straw where conventional frozen semen has 15-20 million
  • Can cost up to twice ( x2 ) as much per straw
  • It is up to 90 to 95% effective as conventional semen but you need to put the odds in your favour
  • Produces 90% female and 10% male calves

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So what do we know now...

  • If you are going to pay twice ( x2 ) as much per straw and get 2-4 million sperm / straw – you need to put the odds in your favour .
  • Target use of sexed semen over your MOST FERTILE females – best FERTILITY
  • The most fertile females in your herd are :-
    - well grown maiden heifers
    - cows with a proven track record ( +ve fert )

Maiden Heifers – most fertile

  • Well grown Maiden Heifers is the key driver
  • It is WEIGHT not AGE that is important
  • Maidens at joining should be 55-60% of mature cow weight for their respective breeds
  • Puberty is not age driven – it is largely weight
  • Can join maidens with Fixed Time AI ( FTAI )
  • Select Sexed Semen bulls for Calving Ease as 10% of calves will be bulls . CE ABV102+

Cows - Not all cows are equally fertile

  • How do you pick cows that are most fertile ?.
  • Your own records are the best guide
  • - DIM cows calved atleast 40+ days
  • - cows that get in-calf quickly to 1-2 insems ( not the cows that take 3+ insem each year )
  • - cows NOT under current vet/drug treatment
  • - not too old , cows 7+ years decline in fert
  • You can use farm software or Cow Fertility ABV

The Check list for Sexed Semen List for Sexed Semen

  • Well grown healthy MAIDEN HEIFERS
  • Some records on Sexed Semen conception by bull but can vary from conventional concept
  • Limit your risk by using more than 1 AI bull
  • Joining programs
    -Maiden Heifers to FTIA 2 weeks before cows
    -You can SYNC cows but join on actual heat

The improvement is rapid

  • Your Heifer replacements are early born and bred from your most fertile females using SEXED SEMEN ie 90% chance of a heifer
  • Your late cows ( less fertile ) are more likely to be in-calf to normal ( non-sexed ) semen and have a 50 : 50 chance to produce a Hfr and late born heifer that may or may not be needed. These can be sold or exported .
  • CYCLE gets more EFFECTIVE each year as your replacements from HIGH Fertility Cows

Follow the process and it WORKS!

  • We know that those herds that follow the process do get good results year by year
  • If you cut corners and take short cuts it can bite and bite hard. Don't join underweight heifers
  • Using Sexed Semen correctly results in a increased number of heifers born to :-
    -Your Maiden Heifers ( with easier calving )
    -Your most Fertile Cows

More heifers than you need - its an opportunity!