Idexx Pregnancy Test

28 Day Milk Pregnancy Testing

The Idexx Milk Pregnancy Test is use in bovine milk to detect the presence of Pregnancy Associated Glycoproteins (PAG) as the markers for pregnancy. Using Herd test samples the farmer's only need to indicate on the paperwork which samples need to be tested, or send a list to National Herd Development and the testing will be taken care of by NHD staff.

28 day Blood (serum) Pregnancy Testing

This test the farmer must supply a blood sample from the cow they require to be tested, this sample is then delivered to NHD for testing. Serum testing is ideal for the farmers that do not Herd Test and for Heifers prior to milking.

Result Classifications:

Cows not in calf if result is <0.100

Cows for retest if result is >0.100 and <0.250

Cows in calf if result >0.250

Farmers Requirements:

-          Cow must be 60 days post calving,

-          Cow must be 28 days post Insemination,

-          Notify NHD several days prior of need for Preg Testing,

-          Highlight cows to be Preg Tested,


Results will be sent to Farmers within 5 working days

of arrival at the Laboratory.




Northern Herd Development Co-Op