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Thursday 17th & Friday 18th March 2016
Launceston, Tasmania

  • Tour of Landfall Angus, including coach tour of farm and yarded progeny display
  • Visit to Cluden Newry Angus and yarded progeny display
  • Seminar with keynote speaker Dr Cliff Lamb

These days are fun, educational, dynamic and a must for all cattle breeders, especially Angus enthusiasts.

ore information about this not-to-be-missed event here

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NHD Preg Testing


Accurate results via Blood sample just 28 days from last mating.

 You can take the samples and save a few $ or NHD can do the job for you

This new service is conducted utilising the latest Idexx technology and provides you with the ability to get approx. 98% accurate preg test results only 28 days from the last mating making it ideal to identify empty beef cattle and dairy heifers early.


Charged on a per sample plus postage basis


Do one, do some or do them all, it presents so many possibilities to increase your farms productivity.


The NHD  IDEXX Bovine Pregnancy Test eliminates uncertainty by promptly and accurately identifying open cows –and when it comes to their status-open or not-time is money


 Shorten calving intervals by identifying open cows earlier and confirming pregnancies more frequently


Maximize production and revenue for farms by reducing the number of days open = increased total kg's yielded !


Improve reproduction efficiency and reduce costs through early identification and removal of subfertile females from a herd.


For more information on Beef cattle preg testing via blood sample please contact your nearest NHD office.